A lot of your body relies on the use of hormones to regulate things like weight, metabolism, and growth development. When there are hormone imbalances, your body may not burn calories or fat as quickly as you need to manage your weight, and this can lead to obesity. Your endocrinologist at EDC Weight Management in Boynton Beach, FL, can help you manage your hormones to keep you comfortable.

Managing Hormones In Boynton Beach, FL

Endocrinologists are specialists that can help you manage your hormones and restore the natural balance of hormones that should be in your body. There are different diseases that can be linked to the imbalances in your hormones and your endocrinologist is here to help you use different methods to manage your hormones.

Hormones - Boynton Beach, FL

Your endocrinologist will first discuss your lifestyle with you and learn about your eating habits and your normal diet. They will also use certain tests to determine what could be causing your hormone imbalance. They will target things such as issues with your thyroid and other concerns that may be causing an imbalance. There are fifty different types of hormones in the body and endocrinology includes a wide range of systems inside the body.

Once your doctor determines the cause of your hormone imbalance, they’ll be able to determine the best form of treatment for you. They’ll help you manage your current medications and can prescribe you new medications to help get you to the level that you should be at. An imbalance can either be when the body is producing too many hormones or isn’t producing enough. With your doctor’s help, you’ll be able to target exactly what your issue is and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

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